Our Commitment to Professional Standards make us Unique

Polaris has been designed to match the health and safety needs of the construction, maintenance and solar industries, to our expert team of instructors from all over the UK and Ireland.  We have the unique ability to liaise with our clients to provide training that best suits their need.  Our consultancy service allows this to happen in a positive and productive manner.  Highlighting our clients needs, analysis of training and safety gaps in their organisations, along with the risks that they face.  We design our courses to fit our clients.  Courses that meet all the relevant legislative requirements, whilst at the same time going further in order to develop our students’ knowledge, skills, understanding and awareness.  All of this is delivered in our state of the art training centre, classroom and realistic training rigs.

Our PLAT1, PLAT2 and PRST courses are ideal for the construction industry, roofing, dock and shipping, maintenance & inspection contractors.  Any industry or company that needs to work at height and/or use ladders in any circumstance.

Other courses such as harness training, fire extinguisher, manual handling, abrasive wheels, COSHH and asbestos training, safe use of ladders and steps to name but a few.


Industrial Training Courses

Coupling these to our medical training courses like Emergency first aid at work (EFAW) and First Aid at Work(FAW), AED training, we can be a great asset to corporate clients whose risk profile is mainly office based.  Helping to train general members of staff along with nominated/appointed persons.

We have the ability though our medical training partners ORMS and ER Medical to provide high end medical training, focusing on casualty care in remote locations where statutory medical assistance is some distance away.

Medical Training Courses

We are a unique in the Health & Safety training centre as we combine excellent instruction, a superb training centre (which include; state of the art classroom, indoor pitched roof, flat roof, confined space rig, telecoms training tower and ladder training area), convenient location and training that is bespoked to meet the needs of our clients.  These combined with our equipment manufacturing partners, Abtech & Petzl mean that we can design training and safe systems of work to fit the needs of our clients, deliver the training onsite in the heart of the docks in Belfast and supply all Safety equipment required for safe and effective delivery for all our clients.

We also have a unique and extensive support network through our range of partners.  This network spans health & safety training and equipment supply, rescue training, medical training and equipment supply also.

Our primary training support comes from the world-famous Outreach Rescue Organisation.  Based in the mountains of north Wales, Outreach have 11 approved centres across the globe.  We are the 11th approved centre and the only approved centre in Ireland.

Our medical training support comes from ORMS (medical wing of Outreach) and ER Medical.  Both companies provide us with medical training, support and cover for all aspects of our service delivery.  This is especially valuable whilst providing rescue cover for industry and construction.  Our rescue teams are made up of highly skilled, qualified and experienced rescue technicians, led by a team leader, and supported by a fully trained and qualified medic.

Once with Polaris, not only do you get a high standard of training, we are here for you with advice and ongoing support.

We help our clients solve problems through consultancy, training and specialist equipment supply.  If you have a health and safety problem please “contact us”

Fire. Safety. Rescue.

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