Farm Safety

At Polaris Safety Training & Rescue, we want to engage with the local farming community to drive up health and safety standards, and significantly reduce work-related deaths, injuries and illness on local farms.  As official Affiliate Members of the Farm Safety Partnership, we aim to help raise the profile of farm safety in Northern Ireland.

Given the backgrounds of our trainers and the ideals held by the company MD, Polaris views “making a positive impact on society” as one of our key goals.  We have three target areas where we are making (and actively seeking to make) an impact.  They are Physical Health, Mental Health and the Farming Community.

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Since 2009, there have been over 60 farming fatalities, with 1276 non-fatal accidents requiring medical across Northern Ireland *

Polaris has instructors/trainers who have decades of training, rescue and recovery experience between them.  Meaning we are uniquely placed to provide instructors/trainers who have first-hand knowledge, expertise and experience in farming “negative events”.

Not only can we provide our own highly skilled and experienced staff, but through our extensive training and rescue networks, other partnerships (both current and in development), Polaris can deliver on many fronts spanning health, safety, welfare and well-being.

It is both factors above that has led Polaris to initiate development in training that specifically meets the needs of the farming community in Northern Ireland.  Not only this, but with our commercial and training partnership with Guardian 24, we can provide equipment and training that can improve the safety of lone workers.

We are actively seeking to enhance our delivery capabilities and relationships with all stakeholders in the farming sector.  If you have any questions in regards to this, or any of our products and/or services, please get in touch on 02890 781110 or email us on

*Northern Ireland Farm Safety Partnership Survey November 2015

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