Harness Training and Inspection

Polaris Harness Training course is designed to familiarise employers and employees with all the fundamental aspects of Working at Height Harnesses that are used in work environments.

The course looks at legislation relating to Harness wearing, the various types of Harness that protect workers from falls from height. With this knowledge, staff will be fully prepared to select and use a harness properly along with the appropriate ancillary equipment, so health and safety is upheld at work.

Who Should Take This Harness Course?

Polaris Harness Training and Inspection training is suitable for anyone who works in an industry with high-risk activities, which often require the use of additional protection beyond other control measures.

It is particularly useful for people in charge of upholding health and safety at work and selecting and providing PPE, such as employers and supervisors. But it is also suitable for employees, as it fully educates learners on how to meet legal requirements and use PPE properly.

An overview of Working at Height Legislation and how it impacts on the client’s activities.

Introduction to Risk assessment, hazard identification and ensure appropriate control measures are put in place.

Appropriate selection of Working at Height PPE Harness Inspection and record keeping

Course Requirements