Polaris Ladder Access Training Level 1

This course has been designed by our own in-house team of experts to fit the needs of the construction, maintenance and roofing industries.  It is also perfect for all industries carrying out short duration working from ladder access.

The Polaris Ladder Access Training Level 1 course is an ideal foundation for an operative before moving onto the PLAT level 2 course or the Polaris Roof Safety Training course (PRST)

This is a half day course designed to teach delegate the Level 1 Polaris Ladder Access Training Level 1 (PLAT1).  Operatives who need to work from a ladder externally on a building for a variety of reasons, will need to maintain 3 points of contact at all times.

The PLAT Level 1 course will instruct the delegate on the regulations relevant to SWAH.  They will be instructed in the safe siting, climbing and working from a ladder for high volume, low duration working.

As with all Polaris courses, delegates will be given emergency first aid and procedural input and awareness relevant to the course.  This course will contain awareness on suspension trauma and falls from height.

This course is a perfect start for those wishing to develop skills and good working practice, delivered in our excellent and realistic training environment.  It is also a great foundation for those wishing to progress to safe access and working on a roof.

For more information on this type of work, see Polaris Ladder Access Training Level 2 (PLAT 2).

Course Requirements