Water Safety and Awareness

This course is designed for those who may, as part of their role, work near water.

Course Duration

1 day.


Assessments will take the form of practical exercises.


Certification of attendance will be issued by Polaris/Outreach Rescue.

Delegate to Tutor ratio

1:12 maximum.

The training is fully compliant to the current DEFRA guidelines (Department of Food and Rural Affairs). The guidelines cover safe practices that range from basic safety awareness and life jacket training to swift water rescue and management of Flood Incidents

  • Identification of hazards in the water environment
  • Safety measures when working near water
  • Physiological effects of cold water entry
  • Physiology of drowning
  • Low risk rescue options
  • PPE
  • Accidental Immersion
  • Defensive swimming in the event of an accidental immersion
  • Health and welfare

The student must be physically fit for this type of work.

water rescue, belfast
Course Requirements

Physically fit for this type of work.